Electroformed pink tourmaline and Blue Chalcedony Crescent Moon Necklace / Large Crescent Moon Pendant / Edgy Raw Crystal Necklace


A necklace inspired by cherry blossoms🌸🌸 🌸The true essence of the cherry blossom lies within a decidedly bittersweet idea. When these blossoms come into being each year, their short life reminds celebrants of the overwhelming beauty, yet tragic brevity, of life, itself. For many around the world, the cherry blossom tree is a reminder of how precious their lives really are.🌸 This idea is tied to Buddhist theme of mindfulness—the practiced ability to live in the present. The life cycle of these flowers make us question why we fail to live life to the fullest, why we don’t spend time with our loved ones, and why we do not take the time to simply pay attention to the living, breathing world around us. This is a time to regain our perspective on life, and to make a promise not to take the good things in our lives for granted.🌸 Participate in an age-old tradition by allowing the symbol of the cherry blossom to work in you, pushing you to appreciate each moment of the precious life you have been given.

A row of pink tourmaline raw stones set on a crescent moon with one round blue chalcedony in the center. Everything is electroformed in copper and hangs on a gunmetal grey brass chain. Each chain link is soldered.

Pink tourmaline: is a gemstone that has a meaning and properties related to happiness. ... Pink Tourmaline has a lot of positive energy and it would fulfill your life with pleasure and happiness. Pink Tourmaline is an excellent gemstone with the meaning and properties of love, joy, and happiness.

Blue chalcedony: Blue chalcedony relieves hostility and irritability. It promotes feelings of kindness and compassion. Just as the gentle lapping of the calm blue ocean on the shore promotes balance and healing, this stone brings your emotions to a balanced state when use with conscious direction.

Electroforming: The intricate process of fusing copper onto another medium where a low voltage charge is passed through the materials to create a relief that becomes a separate part in its own right, allows artists to create thicker copper structures layered over other materials.

Blue chalcedony
Pink tourmaline
100% copper
Gunmetal grey brass chain

All jewelry is created by me in my studio in Seattle and comes in a gift box.

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